Welcome to the 2023 (and third) iteration of MDSC Puzzles! We hope this will be an enjoyable side-activity during the week. There are a whopping 8000 challenge points up for grabs through these puzzles, so solving them will heavily increase your chances of winning some sweet sweet MDSC merch!

What are these "puzzles"?
  • These puzzles are of the “puzzle hunt” style. They require lateral thinking to solve, and are all related to medicine.
  • Check out our archive (links in the navigation bar up top) for examples of previous years' puzzles.


  • There will be eight puzzles this year.
  • Two puzzles will be released at 9am each day from Monday 26th June to Thursday 29th June.
  • Solution submissions for all puzzles will remain open until 9am Saturday 1st July. After this time, the solutions will be released, and no further submissions will be accepted.
Points system
  • Each of the eight puzzles are worth 500 challenge points.
  • A bonus 500 points will be awarded for any puzzle solved within 24 hours of its release.
  • Points earned through puzzles will not automatically be tallied in the MDSC App; instead, the App will be updated with puzzle points daily. For real-time scores, go to the scoreboard to keep track of earned puzzle points.
Puzzle solution submission
  • The solution for each puzzle is a short string of letters (ie. comprised of only the 26 A-Z letters of the English alphabet).
  • If you think you have the solution for a puzzle, enter it into the solution checker associated with that puzzle.
  • The solution checker is case-insensitive and will strip all non-letter characters from your submissions before evaluating them. For example, if you guess I love PuZzLeS!!123, the solution checker will treat this as ILOVEPUZZLES.
  • The solution checker will automatically award you points upon a correct solve.
  • You have 50 guesses for each puzzle. If you run out of guesses, email and we will give you extra guesses if we see that you haven't just been spamming random stuff.
  • For every puzzle, a hint will be released 24 hours after the puzzle's release; this can be found on the relevant puzzle page.
  • Contrary to previous years, please don't message Allen or Dan for custom hints as we'll be busy during the day lol.

Miscellaneous instructions

Can I work with my friends in a team?
  • Yes! Just ensure all members of your team submit correct guesses if you all want the points.
Do I need to be a UniMelb student?
  • No. Anyone can take part.
What materials are allowed?
  • You can (and should) use any resource at your disposal, including the Internet, Google, Wikipedia etc.
What if I run into a glitch on the website?
  • We strongly recommend using Google Chrome on a computer or a large tablet to view these puzzles. Website performance may vary on mobile devices and other browsers.
  • This website hasn't been extensively debugged. If you notice a bug or technical issue, email us (
  • If the website crashes, be patient and it will be fixed in due course.
Most importantly, have fun!


  • Allen Gu (PGY1)
  • Daniel Tao (MD4, MDSC Assessments Officer)