Puzzle 4

Professional Behaviour Notification

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There is a universe in which these eighteen episodes happened. In that universe, each season lasts a month.

You should factor in the old medical saying: when you hear hooves, think zebras not horses.

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Student name:        

Student number (if known):        

Setting: Melbourne Teaching Hospital

Date of concern (if applicable): 16/11/2004

This document is used to communicate concerns about a student’s professional behaviour to their supervisor. Please complete this form with as much detail as possible.

Please indicate the behaviour(s) you are concerned about:

Personal behaviour
This includes concerns about confidentiality, honesty and integrity, appearance and grooming, respecting privileges and codes of conduct.

Interactions with others
This relates to interactions with the patient, those important to the patient, colleagues and people working in the education or health system.

This includes punctuality, monitor and responding to announcements, unplanned absences, preparation for learning and teaching sessions, completion of tasks in a timely manner.

Acceptance of and response to feedback.

Description of concern:

The student behaved incredibly unprofessionally during the eight months of his hospital placement. Here I will summarise several episodes of such behaviour, for which he had been named many times.

  1. In January, on the 6th, the student inappropriately administered adrenaline to a patient, causing a cardiac arrest. The student then placed the patient in a hyperbaric chamber. He also recommended another patient to take cigarettes for diarrhoea.
  2. In May, on the 9th, the student openly talked about planning/attending a big party then was seen taking painkillers. He then went to a patient’s room and played loud music before implanting a hearing device. A report was also lodged of drunken behaviour on hospital premises.
  3. In February, on the 1st, the student was very behind on paperwork assignments. He then inappropriately attended a group therapy session for patients, before being seen stealing a patient’s file.
  4. In May, on the 4th, the student disrupted an oncological consult session before spending the night in the sleep lab. He then injected himself with insulin resulting in a seizure. He was then seen engaging in inappropriate personal intimacy with a medical administrator.
  5. In August, on the 12th, the student would pretend to call patients into clinic but actually left them to wait. He then left placement to play games at home with his best friend. He was then seen holding a gun and a sword at the hospital.
  6. In January, on the 4th, the student accused a patient’s mother of being negligent when she refused treatment for her son, as was her right. He also argued with the son of an elderly patient who took a fancy to the student.
  7. In July, on the 14th, the student engaged in a religious debate with a patient over whether God had healing powers. He then forged a signature to access another patient’s confidential records. The student then lied to the first patient in order to convince him to accept a treatment to which he was originally opposed.
  8. In March, on the 4th, the student doped a colleague’s coffee with stimulants. He then attempted to inform a patient of her diagnosis despite her wishes not to know. He then disclosed a highly personal matter of that patient to her parents without her consent.
  9. In July, on the 4th, the student discharged a patient before he was cleared to do so. He also stoked the ire of his colleague’s mother, resulting in a legal challenge. The student then insulted another colleague in order to raise his blood pressure.
  10. In February, on the 5th, the student constantly talked inappropriately about a young patient’s physical attractiveness while accusing her of being a drug addict. The student then refused to perform mandatory reporting. The student then deliberately misgendered the patient. Another patient was told by the student to stop whining.
  11. In July, on the 13th, the student used an upright mobility scooter unauthorised in the hospital, took drugs in front of another student who told him to stop, parked in disabled parking, and constantly accused a patient of being a criminal.
  12. In July, on the 6th, the student accosted a professional boxer and injected him with adrenaline while hitting them. He then forced the boxer to drink multiple bottles of water. He then knocked the boxer out with a blow to the neck.
  13. In April, on the 4th, the student attempted to install a television that was not paid for. The student then asked a patient to undress herself over telehealth, before ordering for neurosurgery remotely.
  14. In February, on the 7th, the student deliberately shut a female colleague out of his group project by holding meetings in the male toilets. The student then inappropriately accessed the female toilets to accuse a patient’s wife of attempted murder.
  15. In March, on the 16th, the student suggested a bleeding patient be prescribed anticoagulants. He then fooled around the hospital in a wheelchair, while making racist remarks to the patient’s parents.
  16. In August, on the 6th, the student attempted to destroy his friend’s cancer medications. Bizarrely, he then attempted to administer those drugs to his friend. All this occurred while the student was tasked with clerking a paediatric patient.
  17. In June, on the 9th, the student triggered a false bedside alarm and forcibly de-catheterised a patient while taking a group of junior students on the ward. He then lied to a patient about his diagnosis.
  18. In June, on the 3rd, the student was arrested by police after drunken sleepwalking. He then inappropriately asked a patient about his sexual orientation.

Signed: Clinical Dean, Melbourne Teaching Hospital