Puzzle 3

I Can't Hear You!

Errata 09:52am 29/06: The word "poems" in the 2nd clue was changed to "articles". The word "Vanguard" in the 11th clue was capitalised. The PDF has also been updated with these changes.

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When in doubt, speak it aloud. How do the answers fit the clues?

Some steps in life are best taken not once, but twice.

The hospital’s phone lines are terrible! You can barely understand what cryptic things these doctors are trying to tell you over the static, but you try your best to listen anyway. You did however manage to catch these words:

  1. Infectious disease physician: “… shout bumbling clumsy idiot *CLLLLT* Vesper *CRRRRT* Lynd actress's first name …”
  2. Neurologist: “… *CLLLLT* unused people *CRRRRT* who create literature, articles …”
  3. Geriatrician: “… fiend *CLLLLT* or *CRRRRT* monster king of Persia …”
  4. Infectious disease physician: “… Tik's partner hand detergent *CLLLLT* to Scottish girl prophet from Abrahamic religions *CRRRRT* …”
  5. Respiratory physician: “… recent cut grass *CLLLLT* for the Norse *CRRRRT* thunder god's lumberjacking tool …”
  6. Haematologist: “… *CLLLLT* one of *CRRRRT* the ankle bones' stitch with the hearing appendage …”
  7. Gastroenterologist: “… the Royal Queensland Show plants; German *CLLLLT*, *CRRRRT* yes! …”
  8. Colorectal surgeon: “… giant Scomo’s favourite carbon *CLLLLT* fuel situated above *CRRRRT* …”
  9. Gastroenterologist: “… desperate flightless bird native to *CLLLLT* South *CRRRRT* America …”
  10. Cardiologist: “… tide *CLLLLT* recedes out from the Nutbush City Limit singer's *CRRRRT* first name usually …”
  11. Rheumatologist: “… Vanguard *CLLLLT* ASX code *CRRRRT* prompt Zippos, as an example …”
  12. Oncologist: “… abject fear *CLLLLT* of drag female *CRRRRT* parent …”